Automatic line for hamburger, hot-dog, samouli & minipizza bread


· Fully automatic.
· Very compact line.
· Easy opening for cleaning.
· All the extras included.
· 2 touching screens one in each part of the line.
· Possibility to adapt to the needs of the client.
· Composed of divider, rounding system, resting time process, moulder, panning system.
· 4.500 pieces hour / hamburger, 7.000 pieces hour/hot dog, samouli, mini pizza bread.
· Possibility of panning in lines for 5 hamburger, mini pizza, or 3 hot dog, samouli, and 2 hot dog samouli depending on the dimensions.
· Possibility in the same line to panning on tray of 60*80 cm. And of 60*100 cm.

Technical data